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Tolkning av klasseregel (22.01.04)

Her er kopi av e-posten fra teknisk ansvarlig i den internasjonale 11:mod klubben - Stefan Winberg - til arrangørene av VM i Australia vedr. tolkningen av regel (lengde på forstag/logging av mast) som ble gitt i forbindelse med VM i Sydney i januar 2004:

Klassereglene finner du her

Hi Bob,

Thank you for calling me in this matter. I fully agree with you that there is a loop hole in the wording of the rule and it must be corrected for the future. For the World and Australian Championships 2004 I am, as responsible for the technical matters in our class, requesting you to interpret the rule this way:

" The length of the forestay including turnbuckle shall not be greater than 10490 mm and not less than 10400 mm measured pin to pin".

A clarifying for rule c: There are some boats that has a new version of the mast tabernacle allowing the mast to move freely forwards without inverting. There is a speed advantage in sailing that way. The reason for the new tabernacle is not to give one boat an advantage to another, but to have a tabernacle that makes it easier to step the mast and to save the boat from breaking at the mast area. Some sailors will interpret the word invert as the mast tube itself is not bent forwards. I request you to highlight the intention that the mast shall while racing never rake forward more than vertical.

When the fleet is racing there are from time to time some crews that are not aware of rule 7.3.3. It is not allowed to grab the standing rig in order to heel the boat in a roll tack. That is the intention of this rule.

If you run into more questions please do not hesitate to mail me. I might be able to sort it out.

My numbers are:

  • office: +46 (0)8 765 15 30
  • fax(office) +46 (0)8 765 15 70
  • home +46 (0)8 446 28 40
  • fax (home) +46 (0)8 446 29 40
  • mobile: +46 (0)708 865 700

Good luck with the regatta.


Stefan Winberg


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