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Welcome to 11 Meter World Championship 2011
The 11 meter one design World Championship 2011 is open for all 11 meters around the globe. We are aiming for 30 boats at the starting line and with participants from USA, South Africa, Australia, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
The racing area, which will be just outside the city of Drøbak, is offering one of the most spectacular race areas in Norway. The area is known for the strong sea breeze combined with heavy current form the tides.

How to get there
The city of Drøbak is located in the south-eastern part of Norway at the east side of the Oslo Fjord.

There is three airports located less than 1 hour from Drøbak: Oslo Air Port (OSL), Oslo Torp (TRF) and Oslo Rygge (RYG).

By car, use

Program for the 11 meter World Championship 2011
Registration Schedule

Tuesday July 26 15:00-20:00
Wednesday July 27 09:00-15:00

Racing Schedule

Date Event First Signal Number of races
Wednesday July 27 Tune-up 15:55 2
Thursday July 28 Race day 1 10:55 3
Friday July 29 Race day 2 10:55 3
Saturday July 30 Race day 3 10:55 3
Sunday July 31 Spare day 10:55 ?

Sailing has been an important activity in Drøbak and many world champions are grown up in Drøbak. The last one was “Eldrebølgen” with Finn Eriksen (helmsman), Morten Kolflaath, Thore Vestby and Morten Engelien who won the last 11 meter World Championship, held at lake Balaton, Hungary 2009.

Take your family with you to Drøbak
Historical sailing has always been a big part of Drøbak. Drøbak was in fact the harbour of Oslo back in the earlier days of sail.
World Championship is a big event, but we will make it even bigger. We are corporation with Drøbak Bluesfestival.
There we will be sailing in the day, and Blues in the night.

One of the best golf courses
in Norway is located just 5 minutes drive from the harbour. A nice little ferry takes you from the mainland to Oscarborg fortress
. Today Oscarborg fortress is a museum with lots of history form the Second World War. The city does also have a beautiful location for sunbathing and recreation.

The Harbour
The race office and the mooring will be located in heart of Drøbak

The closest Hotel is Reenskaug Hotel located just 2 minutes walk from the harbour. Other accommodations are Drøbak Fjordhotel or Oscarborg Hotel & Spa.

Rental of boats for foreign sailors:
There are currently 38 11 Meters located in the Oslo Fjord. Not all of this will be used by local sailors. Please contact the President of the 11 meter calls on
. He will set you in contact with owners of available boats. For approximately 10 000NOK you will get an 11 meter here in Drøbak and Norway for one week.

Official registration will son be available but send an e-mail to if you have plans. It’s important for us if we can put to gethet a good list of sailors as early as possible. This will bring more sponsors, more participants and more enthusiasm to the event and the 11 meter class.

More info will come on the official WC web site
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